January 10 on 10

I'm very excited to be a part of a 10 on 10 project with some fabulous photographers. (For those new to this, you take 10 pictures in a day post on them on the 10th of the month, 10 photographers total, and we link to one another's pictures.)

This month's series includes more of my niece than my boys, but since I'm still doing a 365 project they have a camera in their face often,and if they don't feel like having their picture taken, I don't force it.  My boys cousins are like their siblings, so you will most likely see a lot of them in the future. 

A week or so ago we ventured to my parents place. My mom has this way of making motherhood seem bearable.It could be that she senses our exhaustion and chooses to encourage us through these years by serving us tea, playing with the kids, uplifting our souls with conversation and filling our bellies with a meal sent home for our family that night. I am so grateful to have a supportive family, and I know I could not do photography, nor see the beauty in life to capture it,if it wasn't for them. 

january (1 of 1)-2.jpg
january (1 of 1)-4.jpg
january (1 of 1)-6.jpg
january (1 of 1)-5.jpg
mom bennett and atti (1 of 1).jpg
january (1 of 1)-8.jpg
january (1 of 1)-9.jpg
january (1 of 1)-10.jpg
january (1 of 1)-11.jpg

Link over to http://www.allieshellaway.com/10-10-january/ to follow the circle!