September 10 on 10

I haven't posted pictures that scare me to post in awhile. It's easy to post the ones you know people will like, but to post the ones that speak to your soul, the grainy, the blurry ones, with moody light, those can leave you excited with a touch of I've just been punched in the gut feeling.

I had a recent discovery of the amazing light in my sister's basement, and decided to spend 5 minutes down there with the kids as they played. Thankfully I had just been to the thrift store that morning to pick up some costumes. 

To me, this set of photos are some of my favorite photos I've taken. Anything that captures childhood in the purest form, will always speak to me. Enjoy!

October 10 on 10-2.png
October 10 on 10-4.png
October 10 on 10-5.png
October 10 on 10-6.png
October 10 on 10-7.png
October 10 on 10-9.png
October 10 on 10-10.png
October 10 on 10-11.png
October 10 on 10-12.png
October 10 on 10-13.png

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