April 10 on 10

My intention is to take 10 photos through out the day, as I think that is the point of the 10 on 10, but with life, and busyness, I'll be honest and say this is more like a monthly 5 minute project. I like to be quick with taking photos as I don't like my camera constantly to be in my kids face. 

This month I wasn't home that much, we are selling and had a dozen showings, which means if I want my house clean, I can't be there. Besides the fact that I am 2 weeks behind in laundry, I've really enjoyed even more time at my parent's and my sisters. Here are some afternoon shenanigans at my sister's place. We will miss our day to day life with them when we move. 

April set 2-1.png
April set 2-2.png
April set 2-3.png
April set 2-4.png
April set 2-5.png
April set 2-6.png
April set 2-7.png
April set 2-8.png
April set 2-9.png
April set 2-10.png

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