May 10 on 10

May, how are we here already? 

This past month meant we were hit with a few day of high heat, so my sister and I headed to the zoo, the kids really have no interest in the animals, but it's a great place to walk and to ride bikes, and the train is always a hit. 

I'm expecting another little one in November (Yay!) and am trying to do as much as I can while my blood pressure is down, so these kinds of outings are sweet to my soul as there is the assumption that bed rest will once again be in my near future. 

We move next month, and the idea of more space for my boys to explore and learn is really growing me, and I'm looking forward to the move. I'm still going to struggle with living 40 minutes from my mom and sister, but a new everyday normal is bound to catch on quickly.

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