July 10 on 10

Wouldn't you know it, the 10th of the month happened again. I'd be lying if I said I was prepared for it. I got a reminder from the wonderful 10 on 10 ladies on the 9th, and proceeded to grab an empty enough card so I could get 10 pictures on. Not that romantic, but sometimes the truth is where it's at. 

We moved and are starting to feel a bit more settled, I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our little girl, and this week we have the gift of having some dear to us family members out. Summer, in my opinion makes life just that much sweeter.  

Now on to this month's 10 on 10. A pretty typical day with my little family, chasing them and their cousins. 

July 10 on 10-1.png
July 10 on 10-2.png
July 10 on 10-3.png
July 10 on 10-4.png
July 10 on 10-5.png
July 10 on 10-6.png
July 10 on 10-7.png
July 10 on 10-8.png
July 10 on 10-9.png
July 10 on 10-10.png

You are in for a treat, click on the link to follow a favorite photographer of mine, Sherri Davis  http://wp.me/p3TysT-UG