August 10 on 10

I missed last month's ten and ten, but low and behold, I pulled through for August. 

Today mark's 30 weeks pregnant for me, a bit of feeling like I really wish I was 38 weeks pregnant and ready to meet this baby, and a bit of this better slow down because I can't imagine the busyness of one more child added to the mix. Either way, this pregnancy is going swimmingly and is nothing like Sullivan's pregnancy, and for that I'm grateful. I'm shocked by the size of my stomach, and so is Atticus as he informed me this morning that "If I eat all my food, I'll be so fat like you." Nothing like starting off the morning with some words of encouragement:) I'm pretty sure kids are the best way to stay humble. 

But enough about me, let's get to this month's pictures. A few weeks ago we crossed one thing off the big list we never got around to this summer, and spent some time at the beach and went for fish and chips. Dare I say my favorite photos for my 10 on 10 so far? Nothing like a beach to make kids ignore the camera (which is actually my favorite.) Enjoy!

August 10 on 10-1.png
August 10 on 10-6.png
August 10 on 10-7.png
August 10 on 10-9.png
August 10 on 10-11.png
August 10 on 10-12.png
August 10 on 10-13.png
August 10 on 10-14.png
August 10 on 10-15.png
August 10 on 10-16.png

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